Upcycled Cinderella

(Best for Grades Pre-K - 5th)

Literature and Literacy, STEM

This imaginative production brings to life the story of Cinderella in a way that will surprise and delight audiences. The wacky duo, Dustmop and Binny, “accidentally” stumble upon an audience and decide to put on a play with what they have before them. Using household items, recycled objects and physical comedy, our performers create hilarious characters, inventive settings and lively scenes. Packed with character education lessons, Upcycled Cinderella will activate the imagination and encourage young audiences to use teamwork, friendship and creativity in their every day lives.

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American Giants of Science

(Best for Grades 2nd - 8th)

History and Social Studies, STEM

Thomas Edison, Dian Fossey, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs and more all make their appearance in this fast-paced show. In a whirlwind tour through time, your young audience meets some of America’s most famous inventors and scientists. We feature audience volunteers onstage that help Ben Franklin fly his kite, work with Alexander Graham Bell on placing a phone call and so much more. This rollicking educational adventure is laugh-out-loud funny.

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The Reluctant Dragon

(Best for Grades 2nd - 5th)

Anti-Bullying and Character Education

When a dragon is discovered living near his village, Jack is taken aback by all the fear and anger being displayed by his fellow villagers. Deciding to meet the dragon himself, he’s surprised to learn they have way more in common than he ever imagined. They soon become the best of friends and work together in order to win the hearts of all the villagers and prove that the dragon deserves respect. The Reluctant Dragon teaches audiences the importance of diversity, the value of friendship and the need for understanding.

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