Bright Star Shows are built for impact. Every show, every time. Over the years, though, our sponsors
have asked for more tools to reach their students.


Bullying is a serious issue in schools today. Students need support and strategies to challenge bullying behaviors, and they also need the tools to build positive friendships filled with encouragement and support. Bright Star has the perfect option for schools to battle bullying.

Operation Friendship – A Whole-School Bullying Prevention Program

1. Book any of our bully prevention shows for your school. Choose 1, 2 or 3 performances to be completed in the morning.

2. Request the “Operation Friendship Package” during your booking. Our booking specialist will then personalize a daily schedule for your school.

3. After the show, actors will visit classrooms for an extended Q&A and some dramatic role-playing to help students combat bullying.

4. Every student takes home a special “Operation Friendship” pledge card to share with their parents and to make a special pledge to be a great friend during the coming year.

5. Bright Star supplies an awesome Operation Friendship banner that serves as a centerpiece for a bulletin board display at your school. As pledge cards are returned, they are hung on and around the banner so you can show your commitment to being a bully-free school!

Pricing begins at $1,995 for a single day  OR  $1,495 for multiple days/multiple schools in the same district.
Talk to your district coordinator about block booking rates.

Bright Star Professional Training

Our Creative Development team can give staff the tools they need to harness the power of theatre! Topics include “Arts Integration 101,” “Improv for the Classroom… and Life” and more!
Price ranges from $250-350 for an add-on workshop the same day as a show to $1,095 + travel for full day professional development led by our nationally certified staff.