Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a real play that comes to my venue?

Yes! We have assembled an incredible design team to create all of our costumes, set pieces, and props. We’ll arrive at your venue one hour before the show to transform your space (any space) into our very own theatre!

We don’t have a stage. Is that okay?

Absolutely! Probably 75% of our performances annually are done without stages. Our versatile scenic elements are designed to be at home in virtually every space from a 3000 seat opera house in Atlanta to a 30 student private school in Detroit. Our plays have been done successfully in every imaginable space including classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias, courtyards, library reading rooms, living rooms, churches…you name it! It’s just like going to the theatre, but without all the hassle of organizing a field trip!

Where do you travel?

Our company travels more than 70,000 miles a year to bring our productions to young audiences throughout our touring region. Currently, we travel to virtually every corner of the United States! Internationally we’ve performed in Turks & Caicos, Russia, Germany, Italy, Canada & More! No matter where you are Bright Star can bring a show!

Can I book more than one show the same day?

Absolutely. Each of our tours travels with three entirely different productions. You can mix and match any programs from the same tour in order to serve different audiences or grade levels, etc.

Do you offer any discounts?

We sure do! If you find another nearby school to share a date with you, we’ll offer BOTH schools a $150 discount! When four schools book together save $200. This is a great way to make our already affordable prices even lower!

Can I block book you?

You bet! We are always getting entire weeks block-booked by school districts, art councils, libraries, and more that wish to bring our programs into multiple venues–this comes with even bigger savings as we pass along our travel savings straight to you!

Can you customize a show for my company or venue?

Absolutely. Throughout the year we are developing a number of original shows and scripts for clients and sponsors around the country. Some places commission us to create and tour specific shows for them, incorporating their tailored message into the programs for their audiences. If your company or organization would like to learn more about this opportunity, please connect with us anytime.

Are your productions appropriate to an adult audience?

Yes! One of the consistent remarks we get from our sponsors is how accessible our shows are to audiences of all ages. In fact, our historical shows in particular (e.g. Heroes of the Underground RailroadStruggle for FreedomGeorge Washington Carver & Friends) are routinely brought in by museums, libraries, and churches that naturally have an older audience. We’re happy to offer you honest advice on which shows play best to which audiences!

Who are the actors that come to my venue?

Good question! Because we believe in providing actors with a living wage, we attract some of the finest actors in America. We cast our shows at national audition conferences and through regional specialized casting events. The folks that come to your school carry extensive resumes that include roles at some of the finest theatres in America, as well as film and television credits. This year we’ve seen over 1200 actors audition for our 60 available positions.

Do you do puppet shows?

We do have a giant dog puppet in the show Gus Goes Green! For the most part, we are strictly a professional theatre for young audiences. All of our performers are professional adult actors who enjoy working with young people.

Is it hard to book a program with you?

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on an efficient and easy booking process. Start by connecting with us and we’ll guide you through the available dates for your area. Once you choose a date, we’ll send you a simple contract, and we take care of the rest. The only thing you have left to do is to hand our actors a check the day of the show. It doesn’t get much easier than that! (The earlier you book, the wider selection of dates you have available!)

How can you possibly provide professional shows at such a great price?

Several ways!  We keep a very busy schedule, with our programs touring to multiple venues a day–sometimes 20+ shows a week on a single tour! Keeping our professional programs affordable is part of our mission statement–we are committed to keeping our prices the best we can because we want all audiences to experience our work!

Why should we book with you?

We are dependable. We show up and will continue to earn your trust. Our shows are entertaining & educational high-energy programs that have earned us an international reputation. We are very accommodating and can perform in literally any space. We’re available anytime to visit any place on the planet! Connect with us! You’re going to love working with us.