Welcome to Bright Star Touring Theatre!

15 years ago we launched a touring production of A Christmas Carol and ended up growing into one of the largest professional touring theatre companies in the country. In our 15th season, 2017-18 we are expecting to perform for over 2000 audiences in every conceivable venue. We will travel all the way from The National Theatre in Washington DC to National Parks in the Midwest, from a bike ride of Seattle’s Space Needle to theatres overlooking the Manhattan skyline, from school cafeterias or gymnasiums in South Carolina to libraries in Cape Cod. We are truly a touring theatre company.
When we launched this company we committed ourselves to being among America’s most affordable touring theatres. We have created programs that allow us to bring our theatre to schools and communities that are often underserved by the arts and bring the magic of theatre to young people who may not always have the chance to see it.


Today, our mission remains the same and our commitment to providing some of the finest touring theatre to schools has never been more resolute. We’ve built a national reputation for our commitment to offering actors a living wage and providing a caring and loving environment for them to work and grow.


Every year we are humbled, honored, moved and in awe of our ever-growing list of supporters and sponsors and their continued support of our company.

Our season is comprised of literary, curriculum- and character-education based classics that are as entertaining as they are educational.

From historical productions like Heroes of the Underground Railroad to character-education based works like The Lady of Bullyburg and Sadie's Spectacular Saturday, Bright Star offers something for everyone.

The founder of Bright Star Touring Theatre, David Ostergaard, is no stranger to the theatre world. Committed to professionalism, he has assembled a talented and dedicated team of actors, directors, and designers.

He's an Emmy winning actor whose work has been seen at Cannes Film Festival, the Showtime Network in the Academy Award winning short - Two Soldiers, and more.

Andrew Buchanan Elementary | Chambersburg, PA

We really enjoyed the performances by Bright Star. I have had comments from teachers as well as students and they are all positive. I got to watch both shows. The younger kids laughed and laughed. There was so much audience participation, which is awesome to keep the younger kids involved. The other show definitely had a different tone, but the kids were very attentive and involved. My son told his dad and sister all about it at dinner that night. Thank you for providing great theatre shows for kids. We look forward to next year.

We look forward to working with you and adding your venue to our ever-growing list of satisfied supporters.

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