The Secret Garden

(Best for Grades Pre-K - 5th)

Literature and Literacy

This classic tale of growth and wonder has never been so entertaining. Bright Star’s rendition of The Secret Garden is retold by our lovable comic duo Lenny and Mabel. Together, they bring to life the charming characters and lively scenes that make Frances Hodgson Burnett’s story so wonderful. This play is full of lessons about perseverance, believing in yourself and helping those around you. Along with these important lessons, humor and playful moments breathe life into this magical story about transforming the world around us.

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Jack’s Adventure in American History

(Best for Grades 2nd - 6th)

History and Social Studies

Join Jack as he crams for his upcoming test. When his history book magically bursts, Jack meets some of the most exciting people in our nation’s history! George Washington, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford and Neil Armstrong are just some of the 22 characters who show up in this high-energy adventure. Audience volunteers help write the Constitution, work on Ford’s assembly line and even demand the right to vote.

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Summer 2 | 2024
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