The Greatest: Sports Heroes A to Z

(Best for Grades Kindergarten - 5th)

Black History, Health and Wellness, History and Social Studies

This exciting, energetic production celebrates some of the greatest sports heroes of all time! Young audiences will be introduced to a ton of amazing athletes including Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Peyton Manning, Jackie Robinson and many more. This fun and engaging revue of the world’s greatest sports heroes includes fun facts and important lessons about perseverance, health, wellness and integrity. Your young audience will be cheering for more by the end of this adventure in sports from A to Z!

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(Best for Grades 4th - 8th)

Bully Prevention and Character Education

Bullying has serious consequences for everyone involved, but often we only see the effect on one side. This serious and dramatic story takes a close look at the effects of bullying on both the bullied and the bully. Specially designed for middle grades, this has been one of our most effective and powerful bully prevention shows. Engaging, important, and impactful!

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