Fall Tour 04 | 2018

Shows by Category October 1, 2018 - November 3, 2018

Captain Friendship and the Bully Bandit

(Best for Grades Pre-K - 3rd)

Anti-Bullying and Character Education

Captain Friendship is our super fun, super impactful, superhero themed anti-bullying circus adventure! There’s trouble under the big top as the Bully Bandit has struck fear in the hearts of all the performers. It’s up to one superhero to stand up and make a difference – Captain Friendship!  Audiences learn to stand up to the Bully Bandit and find that kindness is the ultimate super-power! Help your students find their anti-bullying super-power with our “Operation Friendship” package.

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(Best for Grades Kindergarten - 5th)


Dr. Frank N. Stein is one of the world’s most famous scientists. Along with his trusty assistant, Igor, Dr. Stein has created some of the world’s most amazing inventions! But those inventions would be nothing without YOUR imagination. It will take Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to make his latest masterpiece come to life! This show helps students learn why STEM subjects are so important to the modern world while opening up an exciting world of STEM discovery. Back by popular demand, see why audiences made this our most popular STEM show ever!

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Friend Request

(Best for Grades 3rd - 8th)

Anti-Bullying and Character Education

A series of fun, but serious vignettes, Friend Request explores the good and bad parts of social media and online culture. Technology can be great, but it also comes with some serious temptation sand pitfalls. Explore issues like cyberbullying, healthy online behavior, and understanding differences between online friends and friends in real life. Help your audiences understand the danger and know how to practice healthy behavior online. Plus, you can make it a part of our whole-school Anti- Bullying package – “Operation Friendship!”

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