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Count Mathula

(Best for Grades Kindergarten - 3rd)


There’s going to be a grand party in Mathsylvania and the Count will be hosting it for all of his friends…but how many friends can he host? What happens when the Count can’t count? Count Mathula, the Count of Mathsylvania, learns through this math adventure that numbers, math problems and even equations can be fun! Practice grouping, adding, and multiplying to help the Count plan for his amazing party as the clumsy Count learns to love math as much as your students.

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No upcoming tour dates scheduled

The Story of Anne Frank

(Best for Grades 3rd - Adult)

History and Social Studies, Literature and Literacy

World War II was a desperate and intense time for everyone, but it was especially devastating to the Jewish people living under Nazi rule. Through direct accounts from Anne Frank’s diary and the heartfelt retelling of her story by her father, Otto, this production offers an engaging and accessible approach to one of history’s darkest chapters. The courage of Anne Frank and her family is the story of the strength of the human spirit in the most challenging times.

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