Bullysaurus Rex

(Best for Grades Pre-K - 3rd)

Bully Prevention and Character Education

The history of bullying goes way, way, way, way back in Bullysaurus Rex, a dinosaur-themed antibullying adventure that is perfect for younger audiences! It isn’t always easy to stand up for yourself or your friends – even if your friends weigh two tons and have giant claws, teeth and scales! Though they lived aeons ago, in this heartwarming tale these fun-loving giants have many of the same problems that we young people still face today. Find out how to recognize, report and stand up to bullying while learning to be a great dino-friend. Want to double the impact of your show? Pair it with our “Operation Friendship” package.

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Jack’s Adventure in Space

(Best for Grades Pre-K - 6th)


When it comes to adventure and imagination, no one beats Jack! Come along with Jack in this out-of-this-world adventure through the solar system! Learn about the origins of the names of the planets Mercury to Neptune, and even the controversial Pluto. Students will also learn about the physical features of the various planets and discover fun facts about each planet’s special path around the sun in this fun STEM adventure!

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Maximus Mars

(Best for Grades 3rd - 8th)

Bully Prevention and Character Education

In a world where technology and society are changing at the speed of light, our hero, Maximus Mars, stands ready to challenge bullies wherever they may be found – in real life, online, or out of this world! Maximus Mars: An Intergalactic Bully Prevention Adventure stretches the imagination while exploring the challenges that students in middle grades face in the modern world – cyberbullying, electronic media, texting and more. Students need practical strategies for dealing with today’s pressures and Maximus Mars addresses those challenges in a direct and creative way. Want to blast off for a whole school bully prevention adventure? Make Maximus Mars part of an “Operation Friendship” whole school bully prevention package.

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