Bullying Has No Place In Our Schools

We all know the trauma that bullying can cause. Emotional distress, loss of interest in activities, poor academic performance, absenteeism, and depression are all linked to bullying.

At Bright Star, we know that there isn’t a “magic pill” that can end bullying. It requires organized effort by staff, students and parents alike.

However, we do know that a solid Bully Prevention Assembly can help open the doors to help staff and students understand:

1.) What bullying is (and isn’t)
2.) How to communicate openly about bullying
3.) How to confront and report bullying
4.) How to be resilient if facing bullying

Bright Star has a number of Bully Prevention shows in our line-up for the Fall.
The Fall is a great time to set the tone that bullying won’t be tolerated at your school. Take a look at our Bully Prevention shows and consider making Bright Star a part of your Bully Prevention efforts this year.

Choose from:
The Pirate of Bully Bay
Maximus Mars: An Intergalactic Antibullying Adventure
Bullysaurus Rex
Friend Request: An Online Safety Show
Little Red and the Big Bully Wolf
Captain Friendship and the Bully Bandit
The Story of Anne Frank

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