Bright Star Theatre’s New Production-Based Camps

At Bright Star Theatre, we’re passionate about nurturing the next generation of performers, storytellers, and creative minds. This summer, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new production-based theatre camps, offering young aspiring actors an immersive and transformative theatrical experience. Our camps are structured into four unique programs, each designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of different aspects of theatre production.

Camp 1: Create Your Own Showcase

In our first camp, campers will experience the magic of creating a showcase entirely from scratch. This program allows young people to dive into every aspect of theatre production, from writing the script to designing the sets, creating costumes, and directing scenes. Participants will collaborate to develop their original production, gaining hands-on experience in:

  • Scriptwriting: Crafting engaging dialogues and storylines.
  • Directing: Bringing their vision to life on stage.
  • Acting: Developing characters and honing performance skills.
  • Set and Costume Design: Creating the visual elements of their show.

This camp is perfect for budding theatre enthusiasts who want to explore all facets of production and unleash their creativity in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Camp 2: Our Adventure in American History

Our second camp invites students to mount a production called “Our Adventure in American History.” This camp combines education with entertainment, as campers delve into significant moments and figures in American history. Participants will:

  • Explore Historical Events: Bringing key moments in history to life through performance.
  • Character Development: Portraying historical figures with authenticity and depth and lots of laughter.
  • Collaborative Production: Working together to create a cohesive and informative show.

Through this camp, students will gain a deeper appreciation for American history while enhancing their theatrical skills.

Camp 3: Once Upon a Fairy Tale

In our third camp, “Once Upon a Fairy Tale,” campers will step into the magical world of fairy tales. This enchanting program focuses on classic stories, allowing participants to:

  • Adapt Fairy Tales: Bringing beloved stories to the stage with a fresh twist.
  • Creative Expression: Using their imagination to enhance traditional narratives.
  • Performance Skills: Developing their acting and storytelling abilities.

This camp is designed to inspire creativity and wonder, encouraging young actors to explore the timeless appeal of fairy tales.

Camp 4: Black History A to Z

Our fourth camp, “Black History A to Z,” celebrates the rich and diverse contributions of Black individuals throughout history. Campers will:

  • Study Influential Figures: Learning about significant Black leaders, artists, scientists, and more.
  • Create Biographical Performances: Bringing the stories of these individuals to life on stage.
  • Cultural Appreciation: Gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of Black history and culture.

This camp aims to educate and inspire, providing a platform for young actors to explore important cultural narratives.

Learning from the Pros

Our camps are led by experienced theatre professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table. These mentors guide the campers through each step of the production process, offering insights and feedback that help them grow as performers and creators. By learning from those who have real-world experience in the industry, campers gain valuable skills and a deeper appreciation for the art of theatre.

Building Confidence and Teamwork

Theatre is a collaborative art form, and our production-based camps emphasize the importance of teamwork. Campers work together to overcome challenges, solve problems, and create something truly special. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of community and belonging, helping each camper build confidence in their abilities both on and off the stage.

The Grand Finale

The highlight of each camp is the final performance, where campers showcase their hard work and creativity to family and friends. This culminating event is a celebration of their journey, a chance for them to shine in the spotlight and share the magic they’ve created. The pride and joy seen on the faces of our young performers are what make these camps so special.

Book Your Camp Today! 

We invite you to join us at Bright Star Theatre’s new production-based camps. Whether your young students are budding actors, future directors, or creative minds eager to explore the world of theatre, our camps offer a unique and enriching experience. Enroll today and watch as your child’s creativity, confidence, and love for the arts blossom.

At Bright Star Theatre, we’re not just putting on a show—we’re inspiring the stars of tomorrow. Let the journey begin!

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International Tours are BACK! Bright Star Touring Theatre Enchants Turks and Caicos

In the idyllic islands of Turks and Caicos, where pristine beaches meet azure waters, a different kind of magic has been unfolding. This time, it’s not the breathtaking sunsets or the swaying palm trees but the captivating performances of Bright Star Touring Theatre that have been capturing hearts and sparking imaginations.

A Theatrical Voyage

Bright Star Touring Theatre, renowned for its engaging and educational productions, has embarked on a unique journey, bringing the enchantment of live theater to young audiences across the island—providing many young people with their first experience of theatre. 

Stories That Transcend

With a repertoire that ranges from classic fairy tales to historical dramas, Bright Star Touring Theatre has something for everyone. Their performances are crafted to educate and inspire, making them perfect for audiences of all ages. Whether it’s the timeless tales of Cinderella or the thought-provoking narratives of historical figures, each performance is a testament to the power of storytelling.

Educational Impact

One of the most significant aspects of Bright Star Touring Theatre’s visit is its educational impact. The productions are designed to be interactive, engaging young audiences in ways that textbooks often cannot. By bringing historical figures and literary characters to life, the theater company offers an immersive learning experience that encourages curiosity and a love for the arts.

Available Worldwide

Bright Star Shows are available worldwide and across the country.  Connect with us today to discover our residencies, camps and performance options. 

We are so grateful for this opportunity to serve these communities and we hope our visit inspires these young audiences for a lifetime of engagement with the arts.

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School is about more than just academics…

One of the most important things we do at Bright Star, is help students learn how to develop healthy relationships and comabat bullying. It has been a part of our mission from the very beginning and now we are in our 20th year of presenting shows that help students learn to identify and confront bullying wherever they find it.

A school assembly with Bright Star can be the perfect way to introduce important Social -Emotional Learning topics including bullying, online safety, positive attention, cultural awareness and so much more! If it is part of your mission to help students navigate a complicated world filled with difficult relationships and emotions, then Bright Star wants to bring one of our shows to YOU!

Bright Star has a number of shows and programs that can infuse your Social-Emotional Learning and Bully Prevention programming with the power of theatre! October is national Bully Prevention month. All of Bright Star’s shows have a strong character education component, helping students make sense of the larger world, understand other cultures, and learn to navigate tricky social situations. Check out our Fall Tours below!

Fall Tour 1

Turkey Trouble on Friendly Acres Farm

Everything has been so wonderful down on Friendly Acres Farm, that is, until a bullying turkey starts picking on the other farm animals and making life harder for everyone. Farmer Jim and his faithful dog must stop this bullying bird to save Friendly Acres.

Little Red and the Big Bully Wolf

The woods are scary enough without having to worry about a big bully howling in the shadows! Follow Little Red and meet her friends – the three little pigs, the Gingerbread Man, and more – as they learn to face their fears and stand up to the Big Bully Wolf! Learn to identify, report and resist bullying and develop healthy friendships as we follow Little Red on her journey to grandma’s house. Funny, dramatic, and highly entertaining!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

One of the first true classics of American literature, this is an authentic retelling of Washington Irving’s story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman! When Ichabod Crane takes a new job as schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow, he was expecting to have a simple life, but things get complicated very quickly! This tale is just spooky enough to delight any audience as the days get shorter, the air gets colder, and the nights turn long and dark. A perfect introduction to this literary classic.

Fall Tour 2

The Lady of Bullyburg

The Lady of Bullyburg is our longest running bully prevention production because it has been heralded by educators and librarians for its power to change lives through lessons of friendship and kindness. Join Lady Kindness as she saves her town from a visiting bully while learning a variety of empowering tools along the way. A fairy tale that helps young audiences learn that a world built on kindness is not just a fantasy!

Maximus Mars

In a world where technology and society are changing at the speed of light, our hero, Maximus Mars, stands ready to challenge bullies wherever they may be found – in real life, online, or out of this world! Maximus Mars: An Intergalactic Bully Prevention Adventure stretches the imagination while exploring the challenges that students in middle grades face in the modern world – cyberbullying, electronic media, texting and more. Students need practical strategies for dealing with today’s pressures and Maximus Mars addresses those challenges in a direct and creative way.

A Tell-Tale Tale: The Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

No one tells a story quite like the Great Edgar Allan Poe! In A Tell-Tale Tale these spooky and clever stories and poems come to life before your very eyes. With a mastery of language that few can match, Edgar Allan Poe’s stories and poems are as impactful today as they were in the 19th century when they were written. This show blends rich language with expert storytelling to produce a rich language arts experience for middle grades. Stories include “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Raven,” “The Bells” and more!

Fall Tour 3

Captain Friendship

Captain Friendship is our super fun, super impactful, superhero themed bully prevention circus adventure! There’s trouble under the big top as the Bully Bandit has struck fear in the hearts of all the performers. It’s up to one superhero to stand up and make a difference – Captain Friendship! Audiences learn to stand up to the Bully Bandit and find that kindness is the ultimate super-power!


Dr. Frank N. Stein is one of the world’s most famous scientists. Along with his trusty assistant, Igor, Dr. Stein has created some of the world’s most amazing inventions! But those inventions would be nothing without YOUR imagination. It will take Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to make his latest masterpiece come to life! This show helps students learn why STEM subjects are so important to the modern world while opening up an exciting world of STEM discovery. Back by popular demand, see why audiences made this our most popular STEM show ever!

Friend Request

A series of fun and informative vignettes, Friend Request explores the good and bad parts of social media and online culture. Technology can be great, but it also comes with some serious temptations and pitfalls. This quirky show gives your audience practical ways to address issues like cyberbullying, online safety, and understanding how to have positive relationships with friends both online and in real life.

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Special “Plan For Next Year” Pricing

Wouldn’t it be great to have next year’s school assemblies planned before summer break?

Bright Star has incredible year round programming but we’re hoping to get a jump on fall as we plan for next year, so we’re running a special for the month of May.

Book an in-person show for Fall and get $50 off!
Book a show for Fall and any other season (Holiday, Winter, Spring, Summer) and get $50 off each booking.
You can also get $50 off a virtual show by ALSO booking an in-person show for Fall.

This offer is not good with any previous offers and will be only good for the month of May so plan for next Fall now!

Call 336.558.7360 or email

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Book by May 1st to Get This Year’s Pricing on Next Year’s Shows

Bright Star is the #1 name in theatrical programming for:

  • School Assemblies
  • Library Summer Reading Programs
  • Theatre Field Trips
  • Workshops
  • Residencies
  • Summer Camps
  • Online Programs

This is our 20th anniversary season and we are so excited to share our incredible shows with you. We have new shows, old favorites and year-round programming available Coast to Coast!

PLUS – Book before MAY 1 and get this year’s prices on next year’s shows!

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Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day with a Bright Star pre-recorded show!

Did you know that April 15th is the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day? This is a traditional event which occurs annually on April 15 in Major League Baseball, commemorates and honors the day Jackie Robinson made his major league debut.
Jackie Robinson’s number “42” has come to symbolize the triumph of the human spirit over incredible odds. Bright Star’s biographical tale follows the life of Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player to cross the color lines in the Major Leagues. A real-life hero and a tribute to the power of persistence and determination in the face of adversity, see why Jackie Robinson has inspired so many people both in and out of sports!
Jackie Robinson is now available as a pre-recorded show along with many others.
Call us at 336-558-7360 or email for more information.
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Introducing the Bright Star Super Station YouTube Playlist

We’ve been hard at work creating video trailers for all 24 of our shows currently available on the Bright Star Super Station.

Check them out on our YouTube Playlist!

Your school or library system can subscribe to the Bright Star Super Station for the entire year! That’s ALL of our videos – including more than a dozen new shows to be added throughout the year!

Pricing: Minimum $1000 (up to 20 classrooms. Additional Classrooms just $50 each.) That’s about $5 per month per classroom!

Visit our YouTube Playlist!

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How will you combat bullying this year?

Bullying Is Never OK.
1 in 5 students report being bullied in person at school.
2 in 5 students report being bullied or harrassed online.
A Bully Prevention Show from Bright Star can be a valuable part of your comprehensive Bully Prevention campaign.
Our shows shine a light on the issue and help students understand what bullying is and what to do when they see it.
Set the tone in your community that “Bullying Is Never OK”
by scheduling an incredible Anti-Bullying assembly with Bright Star!
Click on any of the amazing titles below to visit our website
and find out more about our Anti-Bullying shows for the Fall.
Call 336.558.7360 to book your show today!
In Person Shows (click here for pricing)
Bullysaurus Rex (Pre K-5) – a dinosaur themed, antibullying adventure!
Maximus Mars (Grades 3-8) – fight bullying wherever it happens in the universe, in person, online or out of this world!
Captain Friendship (Prek-5) – help Captain Friendship find the super power of friendship to put an end to bullying.
Friend Request (Grades 3-8) – a series of entertaining true-to-life scenes that help students recognize bullying and practice online safety.
Online Shows (click here for pricing)
Friend Request (Grades 3-8) – available both online and in-person!
Little Red and the Big Bully Wolf (Grades K-5) – the mean old wolf needs someone to stand up to him, and Little Red is just the person.
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Looking for Online Programs?

Looking for a Wide Variety of Online Programming?
Subscribe to the Bright Star Super Station!

Bright Star Touring Theatre is one of the nation’s largest and most beloved theatre companies for young audiences and we are very excited to be returning to Live, In-Person Programming this year (visit our website to find out more about that).

However, the crazy year that we’ve all experienced over the last sixteen months has been very challenging, but there are some silver linings. One for Bright Star has been that we have been able to record 24 of our shows!

Pre-recorded shows offer amazing flexibility and with a school subscription to the Bright Star Super Station, your school can have access to all of our pre-recorded shows for one low price!

For $1000 your school can have access to up to 20 classrooms to watch the shows for the entire school year! Plus, additional classrooms are just $50 each! That’s around $2 per show per classroom – and we’re adding more shows all the time so the value is only going to get better! All of our shows come with study guides and are connected to state and national standards which make them a great fit for any school.

Check out the list of pre-recorded shows below:

Bully Prevention and Character Education:
Little Red and The Big Bully Wolf
Captain Friendship and the Pirates of the Pandemic
Friend Request

Black History:
Jackie Robinson
Meet Dr. King
George Washington Carver & Friends (Also STEM)
Let it Shine: American Civil Rights Movement 1955-68
Struggle For Freedom: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Gus Goes Green: A Planet Earth Adventure

History and Social Studies:
We Can Do It: Great Women of History
Story of Anne Frank
USA to Z

A Dickens Tale
Holidays Around the World

Classic Literature:
Aesop’s Fables
Velveteen Rabbit
Once Upon a Time
Happily Ever After
A Tell-Tale Tale: The Stories And Poems Of Edgar Allan Poe
Wizard of Oz
Beauty and the Beast
Alice in Wonderland
Old MacDonald’s Sing-Along Farm

Coming soon:
Sept. 2
-Bullysaurus Rex (K-3)
-Jack’s Adventure in Space (K-8)
-Maximus Mars (3-8)

Sept 27
-Capt. Friendship and the Bully Bandit (K-5)

Nov 15
– Winter Fables (K-6)

Nov 22
-Stone Soup and Other Heartwarming Tales (All Ages)

Jan 10
-Black History Heroes, Soldiers, and Spies (3-8)
-African Folktales (PK-5)
-Freedom Songs ( Grade 4+)

Jan 17
-Rosa Parks and Friends (K-5)
-Black History Hall of Fame (K-8)
-Heroes of the Underground Railroad (grades 3-8)

May 30
-The Pirates of Bully Bay
-Treasure Island (All Ages)
-The Little Mermaid

June 6
-Giants of Science (All Ages)

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Add “Show From Bright Star” to YOUR Back-to-School Supply List!

Bright Star has a show for YOU!

Bright Star Touring Theatre is the nation’s largest touring theatre for young audiences with shows that address Black History, World History and Folklore, Antibullying, Holidays, and more! And we have shows available in two formats.

Pre-recorded shows – for ultimate flexibility (Pricing as low as $50 per classroom with our subscription service, or $250 for a single show!)

Live-In Person Shows – for a classic live theatre experience! (Prices as low as $795 when you book with another school!)

Check out our website: to see all of our available shows!

Email us at to book your show!

For more information call 336.558.7360 or email

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Book your 2022 Summer Camp or Summer Reading Program NOW!

Make it a Summer they will never forget with
Summer 2022 will have “Oceans of Possibilities” for teaming up with Bright Star Touring Theatre for a show or summer camp!
On stages near you during the 2022 Bright Star Summer season!
The Pirate of Bully Bay – An anti bullying adventure on the High Seas! The bully “Capt. Black ‘Stache” is making waves by bullying. Join our ranks to end bullying in your town!
Treasure Island – this tale from Robert Louis Stevenson comes to life before your very eyes. Pirate ships, secret maps, and best of all TREASURE!
The Little Mermaid – the Hans Christian Anderson classic that talks all about making one’s way in unfamiliar waters.
Upcycled Cinderella – when the performers fail to show up, the janitors take over in this hilarious fairy-tale with an eco-friendly theme.
Giants of Science – some of science’s most famous grounbreakers and inventors take the stage in this fast-paced show.
The Little Mermaid – This Hans Christian Anderson classic comes together on a second tour!
Our summer camps, led by our professional actor/educators, are absolutely amazing! Give us a call to find out how you can enrich your community with a creative dramatics camp from Bright Star!
Call today to book your show – 336.558.7360
or email
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Bright Star is Heading to the West Coast!

Bright Star Touring Theatre is the nation’s largest provider of Black History programming, and we are heading to the West Coast next year! We are traveling from California to Washington in January/February 2022 with three great Black History Shows:
Rosa Parks and Friends:Take a journey through time with Rosa Parks and some of the most remarkable figures from history come to life. Meet abolitionists like Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Sojourner Truth, and Civil Rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and, of course, Rosa Parks!
Black History Hall of Fame: Follow us on this amazing journey through Black History as we meet Maya Angelou, Aretha Franklin, Mae Jemison, the Buffalo Soldiers and more. A fast-paced adventure sure to delight any audience, see why Black History Hall of Fame has come to be one of our audiences’ favorite shows of all time!
Heroes of the Underground Railroad : During one of the darkest periods of American History, thousands of enslaved people undertook a harrowing journey to find freedom. That story comes to life in Heroes of the Underground Railroad. Your audiences will be amazed at the heroics of Harriet Tubman, Henry “Box” Brown, Frederick Douglass, Levi Coffin, and John Parker in this incredible show of true American Heroes.
We have limited dates available, so if you’re interested, give us a call at 336.558.7360 or respond to this email or pass the email along to your PTA/PTO or arts staff!
All of our 45 minute shows come with study guides and are aligned with state/national standards. They fit perfectly into a school class period, and we have shows that are appropriate for early elementary all the way through high school. We also offer residencies and workshops to give students a hands-on, arts enriched experience.
Pricing is straightforward: $995 all-inclusive for a single show – $350 for each additional show from the same tour and on the same day, back-to-back. You can save $200 off the price of your show by booking with another area school for the same day!
Also, ask us about our “Bright Star Plus” residency packages! Book our actors for a combination of shows, workshops and classroom visits starting at $1995!
Check out our website to find out more.
Call 336.558.7360 or email
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Now is the Time to Plan for Fall Programming!

The Fall is a fantastic time for a show from Bright Star Touring Theatre! We have some amazing options for the fall and want to remind you that
October is National Bully Prevention Month.
Plus, we’ve got great special pricing for Fall bookings!
Book one of our amazing live, in-person Fall Shows
(such as Maximus Mars, featured above)
by June 15
and pay NO DEPOSIT (no penalty for cancellations)!
You can also “Pick Your Prize!”
A Free Pre-recorded show ($350 Value).
$200 OFF a single show later in 2021-22:
Visit our website to see all of our shows and find out more!
Give us a call or respond to this email to book your show with Bright Star!
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Pre-Recorded, Live Online, Or LIVE IN-PERSON Bright Star is BACK!

Bright Star Touring Theatre will be available in THREE formats:
  • Pre-recorded shows – for ultimate flexibility
  • Live-Online Shows – for a unique online experience (or locations that don’t fit our routing).
  • Live-In Person Shows – for a classic live theatre experience.

We’re so excited to be back with our amazing school assemblies, drama camps, workshops and residencies!

We can’t wait to be back performing for YOU!

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Bullying Has No Place In Our Schools

We all know the trauma that bullying can cause. Emotional distress, loss of interest in activities, poor academic performance, absenteeism, and depression are all linked to bullying.

At Bright Star, we know that there isn’t a “magic pill” that can end bullying. It requires organized effort by staff, students and parents alike.

However, we do know that a solid Bully Prevention Assembly can help open the doors to help staff and students understand:

1.) What bullying is (and isn’t)
2.) How to communicate openly about bullying
3.) How to confront and report bullying
4.) How to be resilient if facing bullying

Bright Star has a number of Bully Prevention shows in our line-up for the Fall.
The Fall is a great time to set the tone that bullying won’t be tolerated at your school. Take a look at our Bully Prevention shows and consider making Bright Star a part of your Bully Prevention efforts this year.

Choose from:
The Pirate of Bully Bay
Maximus Mars: An Intergalactic Antibullying Adventure
Bullysaurus Rex
Friend Request: An Online Safety Show
Little Red and the Big Bully Wolf
Captain Friendship and the Bully Bandit
The Story of Anne Frank

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Last Week To “Book 2 and Save”

Bright Star has five amazing Tours heading out next fall! Antibullying shows like The Pirate of Bully Bay, Friend Request: An Online Safety Show, and more! Classic Literature like The Wizard of Oz or A Tell-Tale Tale: The Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, and fun STEM shows like
FrankenSTEM, Count Mathula and our brand new show Igor and the Masters of STEM!

Here’s our special offer:

Book one of our Fall shows AND a show from any other time of year (Holidays, Black History, Spring, Summer) before APRIL 15 and receive the following discount:

Schools, theaters and museums get $50 off both bookings!
Libraries get $25 off both bookings!

If you’ve already booked for the fall and would like to add another show to your lineup, you can still get the deal! Just mention this post when you’re booking!

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Blast Off This Summer With Bright Star!

Bright Star Touring Theatre has just the summer adventure for YOU!

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!

We are celebrating with a great lineup of space-themed shows:
Maximus Mars
Jack’s Adventure in Space *New show*
One Small Step: The Real-Life Journey to Outer Space! *New show*

But of course that’s not all!
We also have classic stories like The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast,
Once Upon A Time: Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella and more!

Check out our “Out of This World” titles for Summer 2019!

Bright Star Touring Theatre has just the summer adventure for YOU!

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!

We are celebrating with a great lineup of space-themed shows:
Maximus Mars
Jack’s Adventure in Space *New show*
One Small Step: The Real-Life Journey to Outer Space! *New show*

But of course that’s not all!
We also have classic stories like The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast,
Once Upon A Time: Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella and more!

Check out our “Out of This World” titles for Summer 2019!

Summer Tour 1:
The Wizard of Oz
Jack’s Adventure In Space
Maximus Mars

Summer Tour 2:
Once Upon a Time
Beauty and the Beast
One Small Step: The Real Life Journey to Outer Space

Summer Tour 3:
Aesop’s Fables
One Small Step
Jack’s Adventure in Space

Summer Tour 4:
Jack’s Adventure in Space
One Small Step
Upcycled Cinderella

Summer Tour 5:
Jack’s Adventure in Space
One Small Step
Little Red and the Big Bully Wolf

And all of our titles for the 2019-20 School Year are also NOW AVAILABLE!
Antibullying, Holidays, Black History, Women’s History, STEM and More!

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Announcing Bright Star’s 2019-20 Season!

The 2019-2020 Season will be Bright Star Touring Theatre’s 17th year of bringing high quality, professional theatre to young audiences! Our model – 1 van, 2 actors, 3 shows, 45 minutes each – has proven to be a great formula for bringing timely and entertaining shows to schools, libraries, museums, theaters and YOU! We hope you will agree that 2019-20 is the time to take full advantage of our amazing shows, workshops, residencies, and camps!

Take a look at our new season by clicking here.

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Just Two Weeks Left!

There are just two weeks left to get 2017-18 prices on 2018-19 shows!

Our prices are going up in 2018-19 so be sure to act now to get the best deal of the year.

We’ve got amazing new titles like:

The Wizard of Oz
Beauty and the Beast
Count Mathula
Friend Request
North By Night
One Small Step
Jack’s Adventures In Space

Tours are filling up fast so be sure to book your show TODAY!

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Celebrate Black History!

Happy December, dear friends!

Have you thought about how you’ll celebrate Black History 2018 yet? January will be here in a flash and we want to help you find the perfect school assembly. We have several amazing shows hitting the road in the new year that will teach your young audiences valuable lessons through the magic of live theatre.

You could always bring in one of our returning shows that are sure to be crowd favorites like Struggle for Freedom: The Life of Dr. King, Freedom Songs: The Music of Black History or Heroes of the Underground Railroad.

If you’re looking for something new try one of these moving productions: Let Freedom Ring: Music & Poetry of Black History or Frederick Douglass.

George Washington Carver & Friends and Black History Hall of Fame are just two of our fast-paced shows perfect for your younger audiences.

We truly have something for everyone!

To book 1, 2 or 3 shows for your school today, call us at 336.558.7360 or send us an email to! We can’t wait to work with you!

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