How will you combat bullying this year?

Bullying Is Never OK.
1 in 5 students report being bullied in person at school.
2 in 5 students report being bullied or harrassed online.
A Bully Prevention Show from Bright Star can be a valuable part of your comprehensive Bully Prevention campaign.
Our shows shine a light on the issue and help students understand what bullying is and what to do when they see it.
Set the tone in your community that “Bullying Is Never OK”
by scheduling an incredible Anti-Bullying assembly with Bright Star!
Click on any of the amazing titles below to visit our website
and find out more about our Anti-Bullying shows for the Fall.
Call 336.558.7360 to book your show today!
In Person Shows (click here for pricing)
Bullysaurus Rex (Pre K-5) – a dinosaur themed, antibullying adventure!
Maximus Mars (Grades 3-8) – fight bullying wherever it happens in the universe, in person, online or out of this world!
Captain Friendship (Prek-5) – help Captain Friendship find the super power of friendship to put an end to bullying.
Friend Request (Grades 3-8) – a series of entertaining true-to-life scenes that help students recognize bullying and practice online safety.
Online Shows (click here for pricing)
Friend Request (Grades 3-8) – available both online and in-person!
Little Red and the Big Bully Wolf (Grades K-5) – the mean old wolf needs someone to stand up to him, and Little Red is just the person.
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