Storybook Tales: Pinocchio & Robin Hood

(Best for Grades Pre-K - 5th)

Literature and Literacy

Whether it’s dashing through the streets of Gepetto’s Italian village, or hiking through the Sherwood Forest in Nottingham England, comic duo Lenny and Mabel, “The Greatest Actors In The World” are sure to delight in this fun collection of stories. Join Lenny and Mabel as they bring their traveling show featuring Gepetto and his little wooden boy Pinocchio. Learn lessons of responsibility and parental love as Pinocchio struggles to become real. Then travel to England with Maid Marian and the Sheriff of Nottingham as they encounter great capers with the outlaw, Robin Hood! These tales are sure to delight any young audience, or anyone who is young at heart.

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Greece Lightning

(Best for Grades Kindergarten - 6th)

History and Social Studies, Literature and Literacy

The Greeks were quite an amazing culture indeed! In this fast-paced romp, you will meet some of the most amazing characters from Greek history and learn about some of the incredible myths and legends that make the Greeks so interesting. Along the way you will meet Zeus and his Olympian friends from Greek mythology, cross the waves with Poseidon and follow along the epic adventures of Hercules, and discover even more about the culture and customs of ancient Greeks! It’s been 3000 years since the ancient Greeks have been as popular as they are today. Find out why with Greece Lightning!

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Jack’s Adventure in American History

(Best for Grades 2nd - 6th)

History and Social Studies

Join Jack as he crams for his upcoming test. When his history book magically bursts, Jack meets some of the most exciting people in our nation’s history! George Washington, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford and Neil Armstrong are just some of the 22 characters who show up in this high-energy adventure. Audience volunteers help write the Constitution, work on Ford’s assembly line and even demand the right to vote.

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